My fitness journey has been just that, a journey. One where I transformed not only my physique, but myself as a person too. After matric, I gained a lot of weight due to the unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle I was living. I’ve always been considered active and I participated in various sport throughout my life however after a while I started craving a way to regularly challenge myself and I hated the person I had become. In my pursuit to become a better me, I discovered I had a true passion for health and fitness and I chose personal training as my career.

My Fiance and I had the dream of having our own facility in the future, but it still remained a dream. We never gave up, and worked toward it every single day no matter how long it would take to achieve it. At the time, my physique was in the best condition it’s ever been and I was on to the next challenge. I thought, “ How can I boost our business? How can I make it profitable and grow its brand?”

That’s when I decided to take the leap and enter my first fitness competition, The Rossi Classic. I won my very first show much to my surprise. This was the start of an even bigger journey and challenge , for both myself and my fiance.

In 2016 we opened up our own private studio, Renegade Fitness. We have always wanted to create a platform where we could share our knowledge and help others achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Our vision with our fitness facility is to creating a positive, uplifting environment. Our training consists of functional, weight and high intensity training designed around each client’s goal.

Along with my fitness YouTube channel, I offer health related tips and advice and I aim to educate individuals on the correct nutrition and training.

You spend countless hours working for someone else everyday, how can you afford not to invest an hour a day into your own health and wellbeing?

With a busy schedule I manage to do two training sessions daily, I don’t consider this to be a punishment at all,  but rather view it as another opportunity to improve myself on a daily basis. It has been an amazing journey with massive amounts of personal growth, applying valued learnings and to continue to share my knowledge with others.

I am now a healthier, fitter and most definitely a happier person because of the platform fitness has given me to build others. My fitness journey will always evolve and my next goal has been set. WBFF International Stage in 2017, I’m coming for you!

-Bianca WBFF Pro

Some of my achievements:

  1. 2014 Rossi Classic Toned Bikini O 1.64 winner
  2. 2014 Rossi Classic Toned Bikini O 1.64 overall winner
  3. 2014 Rossi Classic Miss Legs
  4. 2015 Rossi Grand Prix Toned Bikini O 1.64 winner
  5. 2015 Rossi Grand Prix Ladies overall winner
  6. July – August 2015 Muscle Evolution Babe of the month feature
  7. 2016 WBFF SA Ladies Figure winner where I obtained my Pro Status
  8. 2016 WBFF Diva Fitness Tall 3rd place